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容祖兒Joey Yung Cho-Yee ,Hong Kong singer

容祖兒 Joey Yung Cho-Yee ,Hong Kong singer



Ekin Cheng- Actor and singer


Phil Lam - Hong Kong Singer



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Linda Chung Ka Yan - Hong Kong artist and singer



 Anthony Wong Chau-sang

Anthony Wong Chau-sang  

Hong Kong Film Awards -13th ,18th , 38th Best Actor

Golden Horse Awards- 40th Best Supporting Actor

known professionally as Anthony Wong, is a British-Hong Kong actor who is perhaps best known in the West for his roles in the 1992 action film Hard Boiled, the 2002 critically acclaimed Infernal Affairs and as General Yang in the 2008 Hollywood film The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.





Niki Chow Lai-ki -周麗淇

Niki Chow Lai-ki -周麗淇  (Hong Kong actress and singer)



Juno 麥浚龍

 Juno Mak 麥浚龍 - (Hong Kong singer, record producer, actor, and director)




Simon Yam Tat Wah 任達華 

Simon Yam Tat Wah (Hong Kong actor and film producer)

9TH, 11TH, 28TH  Hong Kong Film Awards - Best Actor




Louis-Koo 古天樂

 Louis Koo Tin-lok  (Chinese: 古天樂)- Hong Kong actor, singer and film producer

The 37th Hong Kong Film Awards - Best Actor


Karena Lam Kar Yan 林嘉欣

Karena Lam  林嘉欣

 Karena Lam Kar Yan  (Chinese:林嘉欣) 

Based in Hong Kong. In 2015, she won the Best Actress award at the Golden Horse Awards  for her role in Zinnia Flower, making her the first person ever to have won all of the following three Golden Horse awards: Best Lead Actress, Best Supporting Actress and Bes New Performer.



Joey Leung 梁祖堯

 Joey Leung (Chinese: 梁祖堯 ) Hong Kong stage actor

The 14th Hong Kong Drama Awards Ceremony 

W Theatre-Best Actor-(Comedy/Farce)



Louisa So Yuk Wa 蘇玉華

Louisa So Yuk Wa (Chinese: 蘇玉華 )  Hong Kong actress in drama and TV series



Poon Chan Leung 潘燦良

Poon Chan Leung (Chinese: 潘燦良 ) Hong Kong stage and TV actor


Coco Chiang

 Coco Chiang (Chinese:蒋怡) Hong Kong model and actor


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