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ManChingKC Photography

Fuji .Cloud.Fire .Mountain.burn 雲火山燒 Fuji Japan Wall Art Print

Fuji .Cloud.Fire .Mountain.burn 雲火山燒 Fuji Japan Wall Art Print

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Fuji.Cloud.Fire.Mountain. burn   雲火山燒 

Mount Fuji presents different scenery at different times. When the sun first came out that morning, the orange light irradiated the clouds and mist on the side of the mountain. It was like Mount Fuji was burning. The scenery was beautiful but disappeared in a short time. I was lucky to be able to take this photo.

Paper * Fine art print (200gsm)*   

A museum-quality fine art print paper with a textured, matte finish. 

* paper size includes border

Materials and print technology

Printing method :    Giclée
Materials:                 Fine art paper
Texture:                    Smooth
Finish:                       Matte 
Whiteness:               Natural white
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