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Ice Monster - 蔵王の樹氷 Japan Wall Art,Fine Art Print

Ice Monster - 蔵王の樹氷 Japan Wall Art,Fine Art Print

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Ice Monster 

Ice tree is also called "ice monster". Mount Zaō is the only place where you can appreciate this large and beautiful tree frost, which is quite famous globally. The annual "Zao Juhyo Festival" is an event not to be missed by tourists.
Ice trees are formed by snow and ice covering fir trees when they are white. From the beginning of December, the ice attached to the trees grows towards the windward side, and in mid-January, it is covered with snow turning the trees into snow monsters. This natural beauty is created by various weather conditions such as terrain, the temperature under freezing point and wind speed. 

 Paper * Fine art print (200gsm)*   

A museum-quality fine art print paper with a textured, matte finish. 

* paper size includes border

Materials and print technology

Printing method :    Giclée
Materials:                 Fine art paper
Texture:                    Smooth
Finish:                       Matte 
Whiteness:               Natural white
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