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Water Buffalo on Beach, Lantsu Island,Hong Kong Wall Art Print, Limited Edition of 20

Water Buffalo on Beach, Lantsu Island,Hong Kong Wall Art Print, Limited Edition of 20

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Water Buffalo on Beach, Lantsu Island

On a remote beach south of Lantau Island in Hong Kong, a herd of wild buffaloes live happily or sadly.

The water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) is a sizeable cloven-hoofed animal commonly raised in Asia. The wild buffaloes mentioned in this article are rewilding groups of domesticated buffaloes.

When there was still agriculture in Hong Kong, local farmers widely used cattle and water buffalo to help plough the land and grow rice. Agriculture and rural areas have also changed dramatically as the economy transitions to industry and finance. In the 1970s, paddy fields were abandoned, the rural population lost, and many cattle were abandoned and left in a wild state of self-sufficiency.

There are about 1,100 cattle and 120 water buffalo in Hong Kong, distributed in Lantau Island, Sai Kung and the New Territories.

 Limited Edition Print 

( Signed & Numbered ) Medium to Large Size Limited-printed collection (printed with the world's highest exhibition level and colour durability of the photo print has an autograph and signature certificate.


18 "x 12" Limited Edition of 20

24 "x 16" Limited Edition of 19

30 "x 20" Limited Edition of 20

36 "x 24" Limited Edition of 20

40 "X 28" Limited Edition of 20

60 "X 40" Limited Edition of 20

* paper size includes border

Paper *Hahnemühle Photo Rag  (308gsm)* 

One of the world’s most popular papers perfect for photography or art reproductions.

Materials and print technology

Printing method:       Giclée
Materials:                   Photo paper
Texture:                      Soft with a lightly
                                    defined felt structure
Finish:                         Matte 
Whiteness:                 Natural white
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