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Lin Heung Tea House, Hong Kong Wall Art Print,Fine Art Print

Lin Heung Tea House, Hong Kong Wall Art Print,Fine Art Print

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Lin Heung Tea House, Hong Kong

There are many well-known restaurants on Wellington Street. For example, "Yung Kee Restaurant" and "Lin Heung Tea House" are famous old-style restaurants. "Lan Kwai Fong", renowned at home and abroad, is located near the east section of Wellington Street.
"Lin Heung Tea House"(Chinese蓮香樓)is a Cantonese-style tea house with a long history in Hong Kong. The first generation of "Lin Heung Tea House" opened in Queen’s Road Central on August 10, 1927, and moved to Wellington Street in 1980.
The current third-generation "Lin Heung Tea House" moved to 160 Wellington Street in 1996. The unique image of this pre-war Cantonese teahouse has been maintained to this day, deeply rooted in the people's hearts and has become a part of Hong Kong's food culture.

Paper * Fine art print (200gsm)*   

A museum-quality fine art print paper with a textured, matte finish. 

* paper size includes border

Materials and print technology

Printing method:    Giclée
Materials:                 Fine art paper
Texture:                    Smooth
Finish:                       Matte 
Whiteness:               Natural white


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