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Yin and yang - Wall Art Print, Limited Edition of 20

Yin and yang - Wall Art Print, Limited Edition of 20

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Yin and yang 

In ancient Chinese philosophy, yin and yang, positive-negative, is a concept of dualism, describing how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world and how they may give rise to each other, as they interrelate to one another. In Chinese cosmology, the universe creates itself out of primary chaos of material energy, organized into the cycles of Yin and Yang and formed into objects and lives. Yin is the receptive and Yang the active principle, seen in all forms of change and difference such as the annual cycle (winter and summer), the landscape (north-facing shade and south-facing brightness), sexual coupling (female and male), the formation of both men and women as characters and sociopolitical history (disorder and order). 

 Limited Edition Print

( Signed & Numbered ) Medium to Large Size Limited-printed collection (printed with the world's highest exhibition level and colour durability of the photo print has an autograph and signature certificate.  

12 "x 18"  Limited Edition of 20

16 "x 24"  Limited Edition of 20

20 "x 30" Limited Edition of 20

24 "x 36" Limited Edition of 20

28 "X 40" Limited Edition of 20

40 "X 60" Limited Edition of 20

* paper size includes border

Paper : *Hahnemühle Photo Rag (308gsm)* 

One of the world’s most popular papers perfect for photography or art reproductions.

Materials and print technology

Printing method:        Giclée
Materials:                    Photo paper
Texture:                       Soft with a lightly
                                     defined felt structure
Finish:                          Matte 
Whiteness:                  Natural white
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