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ManChingKC Photography

Children in Beijing Hutong Photograph -Wall Art Print, Limited Edition of 20

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Children in Beijing Hutong

Hutong Courtyard is the "soul" of Beijing city. It carries a history of more than 700 years. Beijing's hutong originated in the Yuan Dynasty. It has been inherited since the establishment of Dadu in the Yuan Dynasty in 1267. It is also where ordinary people live in Beijing and an essential stage for the development and evolution of Beijing's history and culture. In China, only Beijing has "hutongs". strong cultural atmosphere

I took this photo in 2008 in one of Beijing's hutongs. When I passed a street intersection, this boy found me holding a camera and asked me to take a photo for him, and then; he quickly raised his hands and flicked the glass marbles into the sky with his fingers, and I immediately recorded the image, which was very interesting.

Limited Edition Print

( Signed & Numbered ) Medium to Large Size Limited-printed collection (printed with the world's highest exhibition level and colour durability of the photo print has an autograph and signature certificate. 

16x16"         Limited Edition of 20

20x20"        Limited Edition of 20        

28x28"        Limited Edition of 20

36x36"        Limited Edition of 20

40x40"        Limited Edition of 20


* paper size includes border

Paper *Hahnemühle Photo Rag (308gsm)* 

One of the world’s most popular papers perfect for photography or art reproductions.

Materials and print technology 

Printing method :      Giclée
Materials:                   Photo paper
Texture:                      Soft with a lightly
                                    defined felt structure
Finish:                         Matte 
Whiteness:                 Natural white