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ManChingKC Photography

高校前駅 鎌倉 Kamakurakōkōmae Station, Japan Wall Art Print, Limited Edition of 20

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高校前駅 鎌倉 "Kamakura High School Front Station."

I came to visit this place with my wife in December 2017, Shichirihama (しちりがはま) one of the 100 best beaches in Japan. I have seen the most beautiful sunset spots here. It feels like entering an animation world with beautiful light and oil painting-like scenery.
The picture I took is a classic scene from the famous Japanese anime "SLAM DUNK": the moment when the train passes by the "Kamakura High School Mae" station.

 Limited Edition Print 

( Signed & Numbered ) Medium to Large Size Limited-printed collection (printed with the world's highest exhibition level and colour durability of the photo print has an autograph and signature certificate. 

18 "x 12" Limited Edition of 20

24 "x 16" Limited Edition of 20

30 "x20" Limited Edition of 20

36 "x24" Limited Edition of 20

40 "X28" Limited Edition of 20

60 "X40" Limited Edition of 20

 * paper size includes border

Paper *Hahnemühle Photo Rag  (308gsm)* 

One of the world's most popular papers perfect for photography or art reproductions. (

Materials and print technology

Printing method :      Giclée
Materials:                   Photo paper
Texture:                      Soft with a lightly
                                   defined felt structure
Finish:                         Matte 
Whiteness:                 Natural white