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Shek O Bus Terminus

Built in 1955, Shek O Bus Terminus is a colonial-era building located in a  village on the coast of Shek O,Hong Kong. It was designed by the famous contemporary Chinese architect Su Gin Djih (徐敬直) as a two-storey functional building. The reinforced concrete framed building, with beams and columns, cantilevered balconies and mono-pitched roofs, balconies and stairwells creating the illusion of a floating box, is the Modern International Style, a style of architecture that was generally considered to have originated in Germany in the 1920s. The Bauhaus School of Art uses a unique cantilevered building method. In 2013, the Hong Kong Historic Building Assessment Panel (Antiquities and Monuments Office) decided to upgrade it from a Grade 3 historic building to a Grade 2 historic building to obtain a higher historical status and be protected.

The 2011 Hollywood movie Contagion was filmed here.

Starring: Matt Damon & Kate Elizabeth Winslet 

 Shek O Bus Terminus 1

Shek O Bus Terminus 2

Shek O Bus Terminus 3

Shek O Bus Terminus 3

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