EQUUS - Drama Poster Promotional photography 2014

EQUUS - Drama Poster Promotional photography

Hong Kong Drama Yearbook  香港戲劇年鑑2014


EQUUS was released in 1973 and has been performed many times worldwide, including in New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, etc., in Asia, Tokyo, Taipei and Hong Kong. More than 2,000 performances have been performed.

The 17-year-old Alan stabbed six horses in the wand overnight, causing a sensation in society. His parents called the psychologist Martin to treat him. Martin and Alan met many times to expose Alan's past gradually. To Alan's personality and family status. Although Alan was the "murderer" who stabbed six horses, Martin found that he loved horses so much that he loved them to the point of worship and regarded them as gods. However, in the treatment process, Martin gradually fell into a kind of myth. The young Alan seemed "crazy", but Martin saw how turbulent Alan's emotions towards horses were, and this enthusiasm was losing in society. Whether it is Martin or Alan's parents, these are "mature" and "normal" people socially, but are there flesh and blood? Compared with the young Alan they judged, which kind of "crazy" and their "mature" and "normal" are more humane?

 Poster photography by ManChingKC