STILL:【008】"35 years in Shek O " (January 2021) 

The locals learned about surfing and listened to rock music that was popular in the west, while foreigners fell in love with the "silk stocking milk tea" and "Luncheon meat fried eggs Noodle soup". This is an unforgettable image in the mind of ManChingKC, a photographer born and bred in Shek O.

Since getting the first fully mechanical camera at the age of 16, the alternative world and unreality presented by black and white photography after processing the rolls of film have fascinated him ever since. He was holding the camera and walked all over the place, overlooking the entire coast.

Later he moved away for work. He went back and left again. Every time he left and came back, his attachment grew stronger. He still misses the unique smell of the Shek O air.
His favourite place is Shek O Beach. When he was a child, he would spend the night on a camp bed. When he was in middle school, he would wear tight pants, bring a record player, and turn up the volume. When he became an adult, he would drink until late at night with a friend. " Whenever you want to escape from reality, just come back to Shek O Beach."


Photography by ManChingKC @manchingkc

ManChingKC, born and bred in Shek O, started his photography career when he was 16 years old. He started his photography career as a photojournalist and later became a fashion magazine photographer.

Good at portrait photography, as well as black and white photography and street photography. Last year, he self-funded and published 'Shek O, Magical Place', a photographic collection of Shek O, documenting Shek O’s appearance from 1985 to the present.


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