Jet magazine (Hong Kong) photographer feature report

Shek O’s 35 years

"Indigenous residents will learn surfing popular in the West, listening to Western rock music, and foreigners will also fall in love with the stockings, milk tea and egg noodles here." The above is an unforgettable picture of ManChingKC, a photographer who grew up in Shek O. . Since getting his first fully mechanical camera at the age of 16, the alternative world and unreality presented by black and white photography has since fascinated him, holding the camera around the entire land and looking out at the coast.



Later, I moved away from work, went back, and left again. Every time I said goodbye and came back, my attachment grew thicker, and I still miss the unique smell of air. Shek O Beach is his favorite. When he was a child, he would spend the night with a camp bed. When he was in middle school, he would wear narrow-leg pants and bring a record player "burner". When he became an adult, he would drink until the night. Whenever you want to escape from reality, you can come to Shek O Beach.


Photography by ManChingKC @manchingkc


ManChingKC, born in Shek O, started his photography career when he was 16 years old. He started his photography career as a photojournalist and later became a fashion magazine photographer. Good at portrait photography, like black and white photography and street photography. Last year, she self-funded and published Shek O Magical Place, a photographic collection of Shek O, documenting Shek O’s appearance from 1985 to the present.