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Limited Edition print of Hong Kong City of Victoria Cityscapes Conceptual Wall Art

Limited Edition print of Hong Kong City of Victoria Cityscapes Conceptual Wall Art

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City of Victoria (Browse)

When you can spend more time walking around in this city, you will feel its charm, unlike others. Hong Kong, an Extraordinary City.

City of Victoria - Central, the Heartland of Hong Kong, is the earliest developed area in Hong Kong and the commercial centre of Hong Kong. As early as 1841, when the British occupied Hong Kong, they took the lead in establishing their military base in Central and quickly built several main roads.
The name Central had its origins in the 19th century. The Hong Kong Chinese collectively referred to it as "four wans nine yeuks" (四環九約) (four rings and nine districts), located on the north shore of Hong Kong Island. "Central" is one of the "rings". As for the official partition of the British Hong Kong Government, Victoria City is divided into East, Central and Western districts.
Central is not just a financial business centre. The wealthiest and most knowledgeable upper and large numbers of foreigners engaged in high-paying occupations daily. On the other side, a number of grassroots people are also living there, struggling to survive. Some alleys sell traditional local food and drinks, while others still sell traditional products from decades ago.


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Limited Edition Print 

( Signed & Numbered ) Medium to Large Size Limited-printed collection (printed with the world's highest exhibition level and photo print's colour durability) has an autograph and signature certificate. 


Limited Edition of 20

Each print comes with a signed and stamped Certificate of Authenticity.

* paper size includes border.

 Paper *Hahnemühle Photo Rag  (308gsm)* 

One of the world's most popular papers, perfect for photography or art reproductions.

Materials and print technology

Printing method:       Giclée
Materials:                   Photo paper
Texture:                      Soft with a lightly
                                    defined felt structure
Finish:                         Matte 
Whiteness:                 Natural white

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